It’s really serious people. I believe that the way Obama is helping, not destroying ISIS is the beginning of the end, the apocalypse. Combined with aiding Iran with building nuclear weapons and his clear distain for Isreal this President is the real enemy. As he sits and holds meaningless summits and pretends to believe Iran is serious in negotiating an end to pursuing Nuclear weapons, is just his way giving both enemy’s time to set the table for for what will be the end of the world as we know it. It’s clear that Isreal is in panic as it understands that Iran believes it’s sole purpose for its exist is to remove its country from the earth. It’s not just an extreme Islamic view that the Jews, Christians and anyone who does not fundamentally agree with the original and core Islamic beliefs should not be allowed to exist. ISIS believes what they are doing is as holy and righteous as Christians and Jews believe it is wrong. These opposing religious beliefs are never going to change. There are difference that will ensure Islam will resign over this world, and sooner rather than later. Islam has no fear of death or the consequences of having innocent blood on it’s hands. My Bible, in the book of Revelations, describes this scenario in words and passages that are intended to never explain but rather keep us on guard for this time. When I read my Bible it becomes clear that this is the real beginning of that time. The stage is being set by the leader of the most powerful country in the world, Barack Obama. Many say he doesn’t have a strategy to win, I suppose that is according to your definition of winning is and who’s side your on. There is good, and there is evil, and these to forces will never change. Only the players change and if everything in Gods word is true, as I know it is, there can only be so many changes. All changes will come to an end and every change is leading to the end. All the players before, good and evil, have played their part in bringing us to now. Barack Obama is no bigger player than any other past or present, he’s just the one for now and it appears obvious that evil will be served well by him. He has a strategy and its not to defend and protect his country, rather to play the role of evil and secure the words in Revelations. Every decision he doesn’t make is a decision he’s already made. Every strategy he doesn’t have is his strategy. There will be, as promised, a holy war and evil will win as it is to inherit the earth. As we sit and watch the forces of evil are getting stronger, more organized, more embolden to destroy everything in that stands in the way of this all consuming evil. As Christians we believe in praying for our enemies and those of other faiths, so they to may find heaven through Jesus, God. True fundamental teaching of Islam is death to those who oppose or challenge the teachings of their doctrine and they, unlike most Christians today, believe with passion their teachings. While we believe we are doing good, they believe they must fulfill the prophesies at the very core of their existence. They believe they are good and all other faiths are evil. They will willingly and gratefully die in the name of their Allah. Obama is doing everything in his power, and beyond, to ensure that these evildoers are to big to fail before we ever have a real chance to defeat them. There are very large sectors of the Muslim faith who’s teachings do not believe as strongly the core teachings of Islam. They quietly denounce violence and terrorist attacks against Christians and Jews. But in the end they are of one faith and when faced with death they to will fall in to line with the so called extremist. Just as our ally, Pakistan, hid Osama Bin Ladin from us. There is an allegiance between all Muslims and its inevitable they will, in time, become one in the name of their Allah. The holy war is starting and the leader of the free world is doing his part to give any advantage we do, or did have, to the enemy. The bible says evil will win and rule the earth, then the mark of the beast will be upon us. It will be a time of unbelievable persecution of any one who doesn’t wear the mark. Is Obama the anti Christ? I can’t say that. The bible says things that make me doubt it. However he is not on the side of the God that I know and worship and their is only one other side to be on. He has demonstrated through every word and action he taken through out his is presidency that he is a man who is ensuring the persecution of all Christians, Jews and any other religion in the world. Call him what you will but the truth is obvious He’s not on the side of me, my God or any of the innocence in this wold. That means there is only one place he can be, he will reap what has sown, he will reap the fruits of his labor. He might be from Hawaii or maybe Kenya, but he hasn’t felt heat like he’s going to. Not even from me!


Obama and the Omen

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The Truth about the truth is that no one wants to know it unless they agree with it, especially if  your a supporter of Barack Obama and his administration, or a fan of Brian William’s. Facts seem to elude this President faster than it does his supporters (which includes Williams),they all  just ignores the lies, repeat them or even embellish them. I can’t remember anyone in political office, of any notability, given pass after pass for lie after lie. In the old days, not that long a go, a President of the United States had an oath he must uphold, today the oath, like the truth, is as gone as the  anchor chair is empty at the NBC Nightly News, which is defiantly a player in this game of lies and deception. The national press use to have a job in politics, to uncover deceit and scream at the thought of a lie coming from anyone, in highly trusted and elected office, it would have made an unknown journalist a household name to uncover even the small discrepancy uttered by a President of the Untied States.

This really all came together for me, as Brian Williams, “the most trusted name in news” anchorman at NBC Nightly News, was all but fired after a couple of week’s of stories about him, not just exaggerating, but blatantly lying about stories he had reported over the last few years while anchoring NBC News . I quickly came to realize that Mr Williams saw nothing wrong with this, and for good reason, if he was allowed, even expected, to repeat or totally ignore the lies of the President and his administration, then what could possible be wrong with some small non truths of his own? As long as the President’s lies were in line with NBC’s brass Liberal Progressive Socialists ideology, there was nothing to question. It’s all for a greater good called Communism .  Until push comes to shove, and the lie’s of a few month’s ago have worked their way up to the “had to be mentioned stage”,  a one sentence, 3 second “misspoken words” segment is aired. It is much easier to quickly dispose of  a “misspoken word’s” than report a mistruth, which is what I call a damn lie, than it is to even mention a lie told the very same day.

It’s wasn’t just Obama and it wasn’t just William’s. Everyone surrounding these men knew about their lies and just swept under the rug, never to be  spoken by any credible journalist. If it was made the headlines at FOX News that was easily explained away because it’s just taken for granted that everyone over there is an Obama hater and could never be taken seriously. So why isn’t the credibility of Mr. William’s coworkers being challenged? They were there, they know the truth.  NBC thought this Williams talk would quite down without much of stir but they forgot or weren’t paying attention to social media which made enough noise, that at least Williams himself noticed and took a vacation for a few days until it blew over. A lot of people knew what Williams had done, and was continuing to do,  for year’s but does it truly matter, not really, not to NBC anyway. They got the anchorman of the air, isn’t that enough to shut all this up. Nobody want’s to really call out NBC because there is too much dirt at the top, you know where the “buck stops”. When practically the entire media has vested itself in the protection and elections of Barack Obama,  a lot of people who know a lot of thing’s about “who knew what and when” it comes to the White House and Williams. This whole Liberal mainstream media love affair has jeopardized the way of life that we knew just a few short years ago. The media had a job, it was to keep the political arena as honest as possible, not to aid they very thing that made them such a great player in the greatest country in the world. Today it seems to be the job of twitter, Facebook and a few bloggers to keep America’s top politician’s honest, and did I mention that the President wants to federally regulate the internet too? When the internet is silenced by the Progressive Left, will the media finally understand the role it played in our country becoming a Communist State, one with no free press? By achieving their progressive agenda they will have committed journalistic suicide!   

I am sorry I didn’t get specific with what lies were told by Williams or President Obama and his administration. I thought to do so would insult the intelligence of anyone with an IQ of more than 4. Besides when it comes to the lie’s of the President and his people, I don’t have enough ink to list them all! There is only one truth and We the People know it!

That’s just the way I see it but most of the time #jimmysrighton ! 






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I use to really think that Obama knew exactly what he was doing at every move. Now I know it to be an absolute fact. Every move is about nothing more than crippling our country to the brink of communism. A few examples, the VA debacle, nothing was done because it would expose ObamaCare to the reality it truly is. Berdahl, to show our country to be weak and and without policy while further aiding the Islamic Jehad and it’s terrorism that will further demoralize the and cripple the USA. Benghazi, to ensure 4 more years of crippling capitalism and demoralization of our country in every way possible way. This goes much deeper than Obama, it’s a long and strategically planned assault on democracy, capitalism and the destruction of our Constitution. All this to move us directly and swiftly into a communism state. The question is wether “We The People” will continue to be divided or will “We” overthrow this government by any means possible ???


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Life is to short to spend your time looking for somebody to make you happy. If you ever get happy by yourself, then you damn sure will not want someone looking for somebody else to make to make them happy. Happy people attract happy people. People looking for somebody to make them happy attract other people looking for someone to make them happy. Then you got two people who ain’t happy that found each other. I hope I explained that simply enough. So don’t sit around wasting yo time thinking bout somebody that ain’t never thinking bout you, they are just probably an unhappy person that figured out that you ain’t ain’t the unhappy person that they were looking for to make them happy. Stop complaining bout everything because complaining people ain’t practicing be happy. Happy people are happy regardless of there circumstances. If you waiting on your circumstances to make you happy you don’t understand happiness. Be happy it just takes a little acceptance of where you are in life and understanding that your not just lucky to be here but to realize God could of put somebody else here instead of you and they might be a happy person. So don’t waste Gods creation (you) sitting round complaining about what you ain’t got. If you ain’t got nothing your still a lot better off than that happy person God didn’t create so he create your ungrateful butt. If anybody don’t understand what I am talking about you might be to stupid to be happy and that’s real sad.

  What about the US debt is not hard to understand ? We owe, as country, 15.7 trillion dollars. Most of that money is owed to government’s that would like us to be wiped of the face of the earth ! We spend money like it doesn’t matter that we have to pay it back. We print money like there is no understanding of the fact that every dollar we print lowers the value of all the dollars already in existence.

   Every currency in the world is based on our dollar. Therefore our borrower and printing of money adds to our trade deficit. The giant we have always been, is quickly losing it’s steam. Couple that with the hard fact  if your born today you owe over 50,000 dollar’s to the federal government. Liberal’s and the Obama administration SCREAM about taking care of future generation’s, yet they lay this killer debt on our children ? Obama and his Socialist elite base scream about investing in our children through education. Maybe they’ll  be around to see pain of how he, and his spending policies, will devastate their future . Will education even be affordable? The fact is that Obama doesn’t care about anything but power. Obama’s children won’ t feel any pain, there now elite !

  How do you tell your children that we are the greatest country in the world yet we owe Commuiniat Red China Trillions of dollars ? Just tell them that China is financing their freedom, which soon will be gone !

Greed is what Obama is all about, and he is just a pawn that was installed into our Government, by powers far greater than him. He knows his role, and that is to empower the Socialist elites . Divide and Rule through class warfare, induce hate between everyone and anybody with any kind of difference. That IS  your Obama Re-election agenda ! He’s done nothing for anybody, and he never will, except for  his Socialist. power hungry,  elite’s friend’s !

It won’t work unless  “WE THE PEOPLE” allow it !

JimmysRightOn !

Everyone can feel the of impact of high gas prices, even if they don’t drive or own a car. Those who drive are forced to pay more and more every time they fill up the tank. That’s for those who are fortunate enough to be afford a full tank, or a car for that matter.  3 year’s ago, when Obama was elected, gas was 3x less expensive.

So why does Obama keep insisting that he doesn’t have any control over the price when he has played a major roll in creating them ? Because he can. And some people will believe his lie. Here are just a few reason he has a lot of the blame. 

A lot of his liberal base are so called “environmentalist”, and he has tried to please them by continuing to block every attempt to drill for oil and explore for it aswell. They want Green Energy ! Solar, Wind Energy, and he has even stated Algae. Obama and his Liberal base, don’t care who it cost or hurts, which happen’s to be “We The People”, taxpayer’s, and even those who don’t pay taxes. Almost everything we buy is tied to the price of Gas. Oil is a commodity, and the price is based on future supply and demand for it. It has to look at FUTURE demand and supply for it’s pricing. For instance, several countries around the globe have exploding economies, and we know the will in the FUTURE require more and more Oil.   

Obama’s insistence to print money and borrow money from other countries, like Communist China, mean’s there are more dollar’s. The more dollar’s there are the the less each one is worth. Furthermore, all the other currency’s around the globe are based on the value of each of our dollar’s. The more dollar’s there are the they less each one buy’s. That is a huge part of the problem at the pump. There are other’s as well. Investing money in companies that are in the green energy business that go bankrupt, with all of our tax dollar’s invested. This  just drive’s up our debt. Again decreasing the value of a buck. Government shouldn’t be in the business of deciding what sector’s of our market’s should survive and which one’s should die.  Market’s do a very good job of that. Our economy is not even close to being ready to venture into such costly adventure’s. When they are they ready they won’t need our tax dollar’s to do it.

  Another huge problem is the Obama administrations, EPA, has placed so many regulation’s on our oil refineries, that we can’t refine what oil we do have. Some have gone out of business. Again driving up the cost of our gas ! But that was the plan, to drive price’s so high we would be forced to go green. But it’s so much more expensive to go green it’s not worth it, and the market know’s it. And when we are ready, the market will invest in the technology to do it ! Capitalism is smart and great ! But understand Obama hate’s it and want’s this, it’s part of the 

 Obama Socialist Agenda !

JimmyAlwaysright !


    The truth is that the unemployment rate is based on the size of the work force. We now have the smallest work force for our population size since 1981 ! So don’t let people who just hear our media believe that 8.1% is a real indicator of the unemployed. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC…ect, will report things are getting better. Smallest work force  participation rate since 1981 !  Obama is counting on people just seeing the headline number, which is horrible at 8.1, but down from 8.2. Look at the graph and see the truth about 8.1% . And he’s gonna say thing’s are getting better !- JimmysRightOn

MSNBC gives him a platform to spew racism and hatred from. It may humorous but he is disgusting , and is allowed a platform to race bait show’s you were media has gone. DESPERATION !